Activity Centre for Toddlers

  admin   |    March 20, 2019

Early years of a child are crucial to meeting and developing necessary milestones, which are usually achieved through a variation of play and socializing (within an age-appropriate spectrum) with others. These developmental milestones can be broken down into three salient aspects of focus – social, emotional, and cognitive. Social development and learning work towards an awareness of others, responses and behaviour that are befitting such scenarios, and the learning of concepts such as empathy, compassion, kindness, etc. through everyday interactions. When it comes down to it, searching, inspecting, and choosing the right space for your child makes up for a huge decision!

Through integration of international research, methodology, and infrastructure Dolphin POD is a toddler activity centre in South Delhi that has it all! Dolphin POD prides itself on creating an environment that fosters growth and success through the POD (Play-Others-Downtime) methodology, allowing children to really explore not only the external space but also the internal self. The activities that children engage in link closely to achieving the purpose of learning, whether a concept or a physical skill. A lot of work with refining the child’s emotional and social concepts of Kindness, Gratitude, Compassion, Empathy, etc. as well as more cognitive skills through physical play in strengthening fine motor and gross motor skills, balance, hand-eye-coordination, etc. to provide overall development within in and every child are the step-by-step goals.

This is an activity centre for kids in the heart of Vasant Kunj, with a trained staff to take care of your child’s every need! From engagement in a variety of activities dealing with physical and emotional development to provision of healthy meals and snacks which fulfil your child’s nutrient requirements! The infrastructure is built to support all forms of development as well, built for quality indoor and outdoor play, working on problem-solving skills, contribution, creativity and collaboration. Working on all the spheres of the child’s development is a strong belief at this activity centre. We understand that your children deserve only the best, especially during the early years of their development and here at Dolphin POD we promise nothing less!

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