Downtime: Is your Child Getting Enough Real Downtime?

  admin   |    November 16, 2017

Children’s lives these days are fast-paced. With the increase in technology and various electronic gadgets, they no longer know how to give rest to their brain. Even in the free time, children of the 21st century indulge themselves with Xbox, mobiles, tablets or watching TV.
But where is the downtime? The time to just relax and enjoy their own company?

For most kids, life is far too fast-paced and overscheduled. They’re juggling homework, extracurricular activities, play dates and birthday parties.
And when a parent is told that their child needs downtime, the response usually is he is getting enough of it. He plays video games 2 hours or watches TV.
The surprise for most parents is, that this is not actually downtime. When a child is sitting in front of the screen or is indulged in games, he/she is still making optimum use of his critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning. The mind is still at work. This is one of the reasons that a child is unable to sleep properly or be attentive because scientifically brain needs time to be idle and kids are missing out on that aspect these days. The activity that they partake in are over exhausting rather than calming and the wavelength from them triggers the mind to stay active than retire.

Children these days are often bored easily because of their innate need to do something at all times. Practically proven that if a child is being asked to sit idle for 5mins that is the most difficult task to accomplish. Children need a little time with themselves in order to understand their emotions. Only when they understand it will they be able to comprehend and manage it.

Children nowadays are at higher risk of anxiety and depression due to lack of relaxation time. Kids – and especially teens – aren’t adept at regulating their own time, often sleeping too little and packing in too many activities. True downtime is an important opportunity to de-stress and relax.

Everything these days has become structured even the play. Kids have lost the sense of taking up tasks which has no instructions but are for the wellbeing. It is very important for the child to indulge in unstructured quiet times to understand their traits and nature in order for a brain development and emotional wellbeing.
If you see your child sleeping less, or having a lot of tantrums or is lazy, or moody, then it is time for you to re-evaluate his downtime to help him feel calm, happy and relaxed.

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