Importance of Early Childhood Education

  admin   |    March 25, 2019

According to UNICEF, the early childhood period is considered from the time of conception to eight years of age. The earliest years of a child’s life are also considered by scientists, child psychologists, and other such related organizations as quite crucial in terms of the child’s growth and development. During this period the child learns the necessary cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills required for future success. Children benefit when the environment around them (household primarily) is supportive, proper nutrition and healthcare, and learning opportunities are provided. Early childhood education positively impacts attendance, retention, and learning of children as they progress and go up grade levels.

Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

There is no denying that learning of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive begin at home, however, with the changing waters of the 21st Century and more and more people joining the work force, young children are being sent to daycares and preschool. These centres have now come to be the child’s second home, where they spend most of the waking hours of their day. Therefore, it is now salient that these preschools provide the essential learnings and education for children so that they may adjust relatively easily as they move on to higher levels of education. With this, a great deal of pressure has befallen preschools – the responsibility of equipping little children with the necessary skills and meeting developmental milestones which would otherwise take place in the household.

What is the Purpose of Early Childhood Education?

Dolphin POD is a preschool, fully equipped to meet the needs of the child and parent when it comes to early child growth and development. The early child education program provided by the Dolphin Under 5 team is based on the POD methodology of Play-Others-Downtime founded by Dr.Shimi Kang, a Harvard-trained Psychiatrist, situated in Vancouver, Canada. Through this methodology, children learn the competencies of social and emotional learning in a fun and unique manner. Play allows children to explore their environment, understand themselves and others (such as their likes and dislikes), what it means to play fair, and refine their gross and fine motor skills. Others is where the core concept is taught to the child, during the preschool years, a child learns different shapes, colors, objects, alphabets, etc. all that help create a link with the real world so that the child can think critically and communicate effectively. Lastly, during the Downtime period, children as given various means to help relax themselves, such as deep breathing techniques, meditations, coloring, etc. These techniques help slowly but surely teach the child the importance and effects of relaxing, especially during times of overwhelming unwanted emotions.

Located at the heart of Delhi, Dolphin POD is a, early learning centre in Vasant Kunj, surrounded by a very safe and supportive neighbourhood. The internationally designed facility is packed with various physical and mental exercises to ensure the workout of both the body and mind. Here, we believe the more doses of POD the child gets, the E.A.S.I.E.R (Emotional Wellness, Adaptability, Social Awareness, Innovation, Ethics, and Resilience) things become!

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