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How to Keep Your Kids Smart, Happy, and Strong During the Pandemic

  admin   |    September 10, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic and being indoors with our kids all the time, can be challenging. With the schools being closed, many parents are left wondering how to keep their kids busy, without missing out on their academics.

Keeping your kids healthy, active, and engaged while at home can seem like an impossible challenge, especially for the parents trying to work from home at the same time! But with a bit of planning, home learning can be just as fun as school — or maybe even more fun!

Create a Schedule

It is important to have a schedule while were learning from home. One thing that is crucial when it comes to a schedule is flexibility. With some routine, you can more easily keep your child on track, and it doesn’t need to be rigid. Sit with your children and come up with a schedule that suits the both of you.

Example: Think about their schedule that they had at school and try to create something similar.

Choose Interactive Learning for your kids

Choose Interactive Learning

There are many ways to make “not so interesting” school subjects’ fun. We recommend coming up with project ideas. In these projects, your child can delve into any topic that interests them through self-directed research. After, they can create a little presentation for sharing what they’ve learned with you. This is a fantastic way to work on presentation and communication skills, as well as research skills and knowledge on the chosen subject. 

How to Keep Your Kids Happy During the Pandemic

Incorporate Group Work Where Possible

Group work is very beneficial for children. Find ways in which your child can keep in touch with their friends, if they have been home for an extended period of time. Video chats and calls with friends are great examples of using the technology in a positive way. Children can also write letters to their friends and loved ones.

“For the young brain, social interaction is a powerful amplifier of reward, and peer group interactions increase dopamine release.” – The Dolphin Parent 

Accept Technology’s Help

Technology can be a scary thing, but it is extremely beneficial to help your child keep learning. There are many online resources to help parents create fun and informative lessons for their children.

Since we are not able to travel, we can take our kids on a virtual tour of cities and teach them about the history of that particular place.

Many museums are also offering virtual tours right now for free, and National Geographic has a great kid’s website.

How to Keep Your Kids Smart and Happy

Embrace Boredom

Sometimes, as parents, we’re so fearful of our children feeling bored that we forget there’s a benefit to boredom. Boredom is a necessary part of development for children. It’s a time when children slow down and puzzle through some of their experiences or find creative ways to entertain themselves. 

So, to summarize, when going somewhere to do something fun with their friends isn’t an option, the trick to keeping them engaged is to have a basic routine and plan that your child is ready to follow. This should include free time for play as well as blocks of time dedicated to learning. Learning is going to be different at home. There are more distractions, and it doesn’t feel like a space to sit down and study like school is. Try to make learning fun through helpful technology-based resources and hands-on experimental learning.

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