Meditation For Kids

  admin   |    August 14, 2018

The need for meditative practice and/or mindfulness for children was an unheard-of concept until a few years back. The sudden influx in academic pressure with a need to balance that with their social and emotional needs, changed the way the world functioned before. Taking a toll over the young and unbent minds of the innocent. We can seek solace in this situation with the thought that humans are the only species who have the ability to pay attention to their surroundings and breathe deeply, no matter how far they travel, how much trouble they are in, or how busy they are- humans never fail to remember, to notice their surroundings.

Deep, controlled breathing is the first and most powerful key to self-awareness and self-control. Breathing is completely instinctive but breathing deeply is voluntary and can be controlled. We at Dolphin POD strive to guiding children towards mindful, deep, controlled breathing offering them a lifelong tool for when they feel stress, upset, worried, anxious, angry and just out of control. We not only work on providing them the emotional vocabulary but also the means to channelize their negative feelings through positives self-expression. Meditation or mindfulness for kids will help them regulate their bodies and mind and help build problem-solving and critical thinking abilities as well. Mindfulness takes us off auto-pilot and make us more fully alive and aware, bringing the attention back to our internal processes such as feeling and thinking combined with external responses such as touching, hearing, tasting or smelling! Being mindful is known to improve focus, sleep, concentration and performance; increase in creativity and most importantly- establish a connect with oneself and others. And what easier way to be mindful is to simply breathe, deeply!!

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