Personality Development

  admin   |    March 19, 2019

Understanding of personality is most definitely not a unidimensional concept, in fact there are a variety of factors, external and internal, that affects the personality of the child. A child’s personality is affected by both ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ – the gender, heredity, environmental, and psychological. Though every parenthope and prays for their child’s happiness and wellbeing, they also crave for the child’s ability to ‘fit in’, to be adaptable and resilient (situational based requirement) towards the society and their community. As children grow older and face the realities of adulthood, at times harsh, they want to know that their child will be equipped with the ability to persist and overcome the hurdles and struggles that life has to offer. This is where the Consciousness Quotient (CQ) comes in!

The Consciousness Quotient (CQ) is what is now being considered essential to develop the ‘new intelligence’. Much like the IQ and EQ, CQ has now come into focus to help navigate the changing waters of the 21st Century in order to accomplish overall success. CQ comprises of five salient components – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Contribution, that when mastered will ensure that children are well-rounded contributing members of society. In a rapidly changing, technologically inclined, creative world, it’s important that everyone, not just children, are skilled with thinking critically and creatively, to come up with new and unique solutions to dragged old problems. That we can communicate and contribute our points effectively as well as listen actively to the points of others and therefore work together and collaborate as a team to move forward positively! Here at Dolphin POD, that is what we consider to be personality development for kids!

Here, we’re not just looking at how well-behaved a kid is, whether the child is disciplined or not to determine and make judgements on their personality. We believe in working on both spectrums – discipline and CQ, however, CQ is on the driver’s seat and takes utmost priority. Ensuring that the CQ of a child is developed will ensure that discipline will come too. The development of CQ skills, require that children are socially and emotionally developed through social and emotional learning. This is where children learn to become emotionally and socially aware (of the self and others), learn to make responsible decisions, develop relationship skills, and manage self and others. Each one of the mentioned skills set ensures a positive personality development within children!

Through the Dolphin POD Philosophy and POD (Play-Others-Downtime) methodology, both the Dolphin POD as well as the Dolphin Under 5 Preschool programs, are equipped to help gauge your child to become the best critical thinkers, effective communicators, creative innovators, and productive contributors and collaborators they can possibly be! This evidence-based, scientifically oriented program has shown tremendous results in the overall wellbeing of the child and ensures a positive personality development to cater to the growing needs of the 21st Century!

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