Social Emotional Development

  admin   |    March 6, 2019

We are very aware of the importance of intellectual development for academic success in our little ones, but what about their social and emotional development? What about their ability to adapt with changing times and circumstances in a manner that is emotionally healthy? What role does social and emotional development play in their overall success – academic and otherwise? Research has shown that it in fact plays a very big and impactful role!

According to Roger Weissberg, Chief Knowledge Officer of the Collaboration for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, states that social and emotional learning can positively impact the student’s ability to succeed in school, careers and life. Fostering SEL (social and emotional learning) in children from a young age can also prevent many mental health issues that may develop later on, as children will learn to be better equipped with emotional and social management. SEL has proven to reduce anxiety, substance abuse, violence, depression, while increasing attendance, test scores and prosocial behaviour such as kindness, compassion, empathy and personal awareness. The earlier the introduction to social and emotional development in children, the better the capability to adapt and find balance in high-stress situations.

As toddlers, temper tantrums and mood swings are very common, so is a possessive nature and difficulty is sharing with others. And in just a matter of years children shift from spending most of their time with family and close friends to spending large chunks of it interacting, playing and learning with other children at school. This makes learning to get along with one another, along with other social skills and emotional development, essential to school readiness.

Social and Emotional development has been well-researched and is an evidence-based science that has shown tremendous positive results in children of all age groups. The purpose of Dolphin POD, a one-of-a-kid Achievement Centre located in South Delhi, is to instil this learning in children through various meditation and deep breathing techniques, proactive games, and collaborative activities. Through the POD (Play-Others-Downtime) method, kids acquire a positive mindset and life skills that develop emotional wellness, social connectivity, innovation, resiliency, and adaptability, needed to achieve success in both tangible and intangible parameters.

Constructing the foundation of social and emotional development in our little ones must begin at home, the environment they are engaged with for the longest period and familiar with during their initial developmental years. A helpful tip to help guide children towards positive SEL skills is to practise empathy. It’s normal for a child to feel alone when facing adversity for the first time and practising empathy can keep their self-esteem intact. Share with your little one about your childhood, the mistakes your once made and the same feelings you faced too, as a way of expressing empathy and promoting positive social and emotional growth!

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