best preschool in Vasant Kunj, best preschool in South Delhi

Best Preschool in Vasant Kunj South Delhi | Dolphin POD Day Care Vasant Kunj

  admin   |    March 27, 2021

Based in the heart of South Delhi, Dolphin Pod is Asia's first 21st century achievement centre and one of the best Preschools in Vasant Kunj for kids and parents, where it focuses on the most essentials and crucial skills for your child’s overall development and well-being.

We at Dolphin POD aim to provide a safe, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment where all kids are given ample opportunity to nurture their curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, independence, and self-discipline. Dolphin POD is one of the best preschools in Vasant Kunj (South Delhi).

Why Dolphin POD is the best Preschool:

The centre primarily caters to following the POD (Play, Others, Downtime) methodology, based on Neuroscience activities, to help boost your child’s 5 essential 21st century skills- Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Contribution.


We believe that play is the primary vehicle for optimal growth in childhood. When children play, they are developing skills in all areas of development: cognitive, physical, communication, and social/emotional. Play allows children to test out new ideas, be more creative, think critically and make connections between their previous experiences and their active investigations.


When children start connecting and communicating with each other, they are learning more about others, and about themselves through others perspective. This in turn helps your child to express their ideas, opinions and share their feelings better. Like any skill, communication skills can be developed and refined with practice, but by helping develop good communication skills in a child from their youth, you are equipping them straight away with the skills to build a successful future.


A major reason why during the developing year play is stressed upon is that children at a very young age are learning about themselves and about people around them. It becomes easier for teachers and parents to mould them at this young stage rather than at a stage of adolescence or adulthood where the belief system is already established and strengthened with their own experiences.

The best part about being one of the best preschools located in the heart of the city south Delhi are some of the advantages that Dolphin POD has like facilities including a playground, spacious rooms as well as an infrastructure of international standards are provided for your little leaders.

Coming back to Neuroscience methodology, Dolphin Pod actively engages kids with interactive, collaborative, and fun activities, where your brain starts getting stronger and smarter. If you think of the brain as a tree with branches, neuroeducation is the process of adding more branches. If the brain has more branches, a child can learn faster, remember more, and have improved IQ. Neuroscience has shown us that it is possible to change the "wiring" of the brain (or to add more branches). This "rewiring" is based on something called neuroplasticity and we will hear a lot more about it in the years ahead.

best preschool in Vasant Kunj, best preschool in South Delhi

Dolphin Pod Helps your child become the true and best version of themselves:

Talking about your child becoming the true version of themselves, this is how Dolphin Pod helps your child develop and prepare the Life-long toolkit, so that your kids know how to balance both their emotions and intelligence, in order to survive the everchanging 21st century lifestyle.

Twenty-first-century skills are a hot topic in education today; some even call them the new building blocks for learning. Our children will need to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape, and at the same time be able to collaborate with others from all over the world. Creativity and innovation will be highly prized, both for developing technology and new media, and for solving challenges with more limited resources.

Focuses Exclusively with 21st Century Skills Through Play:

This is exactly where Dolphin Pod comes to rescue, as it focuses exclusively with 21st century skills through play, others, and downtime. It helps your child to refine their problem-solving skills and deal with life’s difficulties and become way more adaptable. Problem-solving is nothing but an ability to use one’s creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills to find the most optimised solution to a problem at hand.

best preschool in Vasant Kunj | best preschool in South Delhi

The Centre makes sure to expose your child into various fun, interactive, collaborative, and communicative activities, in order to brush up your child’s basic life skills and helps to identify your child’s strengths and areas for development. When we can identify our strengths and areas for development from an early age, it helps us become future-fit and adaptable humans, in order to cater to ever changing needs of the 21st century and the future.

When children become more adaptable to changes, able to be creative and think critically, collaborate, and communicate with others, and also focus on contributing to society, they become the true and best version of themselves, which helps them grow into true potential human beings; this gives Dolphin POD an edge from other preschools making it one of the best preschools in Delhi.

In order to be better able to balance our life, physically and mentally, and in order to balance our intelligence and emotions, building life skills is the utmost necessity for your child to be future-fit and become the leader of their life. This is how Dolphin Pod gives you an opportunity for you as a parent and your child to learn and refine the life skills needed to not just survive, but live life to the fullest, by being the true and best version of themselves.

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