Grit and Working Through Challenges

Grit: What it Means and Why You Need It | Growth and Mindset Using Grit and Resilience

  admin   |    May 30, 2022

The world keeps getting more competitive and the challenges that keep emerging are endless. Often these challenges are so complex, that children are not able to find effective ways of working through these challenges, and hence there is a feeling of failure that develops within them. If this feeling is not addressed within a certain age range, which may have long term impacts. Encouraging grit, i.e. the ability to keep moving ahead and coming out of something difficult, and the ability to stay resilient in these challenging times is something that is very important in the current day and age.

Our little leaders are growing up in a time when there are a lot of social and environmental and social changes that are affecting our surroundings at large and that is having a tumultuous effect on our children as well. Hence, we as dolphin parents must look for the most effective ways in which we can encourage grit within our children, especially when the situations around them are demanding constant adaptability and critical thinking among children. The first goal that we as parents must have been that we encourage our children to look at challenges as opportunities to become better and enhance their skills of leadership and not as something that is out of their capacity to work through. Once we encourage them to see a challenge as an opportunity, we have instilled in them the sense of working through and gaining success from complex situations which would otherwise not be possible for them. This will make their minds engage in finding more creative solutions and allow them to think more critically and logically about these challenges.

Here are some of the steps that can be used to encourage our children to work through challenges:

Grit and Working Through Challenges

1. Encourage them to find strategies:

As parents, we would always love to solve our children’s problems, but it is also important that we encourage our children to look for their own solutions when faced with these challenges. The challenges may be such that we have solutions ready, as we have gone through that situation, but for our children its a new challenge, hence, the learning and experience that they can gain through it is multifold. Finding their own solutions will not only help them develop important skills of creativity and critical thinking, but it will also train them in becoming future-fit leaders.

2. Share your personal experience:

Children tend to gain a lot from the stories they watch and the experiences they hear because they have their idol set in mind who they want to be like when they grow up. As dolphin parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children not only learn from their experiences but also have other experiences to look back at and take learning from those experiences before coming up with their solutions to a problem. Sharing one’s personal experiences, not only helps the child have enough knowledge to make the right decision but also helps in strengthening the parent-child relationship.

Grit and Working Through Challenges

3. Give Positive Verbal Reinforcement:

With alteration in frequency, giving the child requisite reinforcement verbally, where they feel encouraged to forge ahead and find the solution to the challenge at hand will play a key role in developing the ability to work through these challenges as they know that they have their parents support and that they are not undergoing this challenge alone. This will keep them motivated to make the right decision and use this challenge as an opportunity to hone their skills as future-fit leaders.

4. Showing them compassion when their strategy does not go as planned:

There will be times when the child is not able to overcome the challenge at hand with the strategy that he or she had planned, do we then tell them to give up and that they are not doing a good job? Instead, let us try and tell them that it is okay and that the next strategy will work let us appreciate them for trying still and encourage them to keep going ahead and that they will be able to find a solution. This will be very helpful in the development of grit and resilience in the child, thereby improving their skills as a leader.

Grit and Working Through Challenges

Grit and resilience as skills are imperative in the 21st century and beyond as these are the skills that will help our children in the future when faced with difficult situations and the joy that will fill them when they are able to work through it is something that will help them become the true future-fit leaders of the 21st century.

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