Technology and Adolescents

  admin   |    Nov 14, 2021

Technology and Adolescents

Changes in technology over time has affected many aspects of our life. The way we lived in the past is different to the way we live today, and this is vastly due to the changes in technology.

Technological changes affect the way we work, travel, communicate and play. On one hand it has made our lives easier, while on the other it has come up with various challenges that we face as parents while exposing our children to technology.

Impact of Technology on Kids

Numerous studies done by professionals have concluded that high screen time in adolescents gives rise to many mental health challenges like self-confidence issues, increased risk of depression and low well-being and physical challenges like increase in obesity.

However, there are positive effects of technology as well where adolescents have reported that it has helped them keep in touch with their friends and has also allowed them to have ample exposure to information than the previous generation. Here are 5 simple ways through which children and teenagers can develop a healthy relationship with technology.

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Children

1. Talk about technology with your kids:

There are high chances that while browsing through the internet, they might come across any kind of adult content. Instead of scolding or shaming them, try to make them understand what it is and explain to them the harmful effects of such content.

2. Online Safety:

Reason with them the different online safety measures and the consequences of letting out personal information on the internet.

3. Stay Up to Date with Technology:

Parents can guide their children only when they are aware of the new age advancements in the field and know how to use them. So, parents should themselves be updated on what is there on the internet and what are the pros and cons of different portals and sites that their child is being exposed to.

Why parents must keep up with technology

4. Teach them how to create digital empathy and kindness

Make them sensitized about how online bullying can have severe effects on others and its mental consequences. What they can do instead is spread positivity on the internet and support others in the appropriate manner.

As Society has progressed, many have swapped physical interaction for online interaction and daylight for artificially emitted blue light. Research findings suggest that blue light can impact sleep patterns, social media use is linked with anxiety, depression, and body image symptoms, and internet addiction disorder has become a medical diagnosis. Parents and educators now have a new & important role: “teaching, guiding, and overseeing the establishment of a healthy technological diet for their children and teens,” says Dr. Shimi Kang.

Helping your child make the best use of time online

She has segregated technology into 3 parts, i.e;

Healthy tech – positive social, educational, and creative use

Toxic tech – comparisons/FOMO, cyberbullying, pornography, abhorrence groups.

An “active and healthy” use of technology is without doubt beneficial for our youngsters where the kind of technology they use and the amount of time they spend in front of the screen influences their mental health in different ways.

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