Importance of spending time with children

  admin   |    10 Feb 2022

Home is where the heart is! Importance of spending time with children

The first sense of the social world that a child encounter is with their parents. It is the parent that forms a direct link for the child with the world outside. From relatives to friends, as well as with scholastic setup, it is the parent that is at the forefront of encouraging and enhancing the child’s understanding of his or her social world. But what are the ways in which we can encourage socialization for our children in the 21st century, especially in a post-pandemic period which has made even the idea of going out a dream for some of us? Let us look at the impact of providing time to our children and how it may help with the development of social skills.

In the fast-paced world of today, finding time to spend even on yourself seems incredibly difficult, the ability to find enough time for our children seems like a distant hope for the future. As per statistics from the year 2018, over sixty percent of parents spend twelve hours in a week to get children to complete their homework, which may be attributed to the competitive nature of academics in the current day and age and the ardent need to have one’s child at the top of his class. Have we wondered how it would be to spend even two hours out of these twelve hours in the week in spending time with the child, maybe engaging in play with him or her, or just having a conversation with them?

Importance of spending time with children

Several studies have mentioned that even sitting for dinner with your child can play a great role in reducing their levels of anxiety, providing relaxation, and enhancing their social skills. The simple concept of spending time can play a great role in helping our children stand out as the true leader that they are. The way of engaging with your child for the remainder of the day is multifield and there are several ways in which you can make sure that you have spent at least a total of one hour with them, the change in your child will be visible. How then can we ensure that we are able to give the required time to our child?

Here are some of the things you can do while spending quality time with your child:
1. Engage in activities around the house:

There are always household chores around the house, which we can always try and engage our child in. It will of course be voluntary, as forcing child is something we should never do, we can make this a good time to spend with the child, for example, while you are cleaning the dishes together you can spend that time with your child asking them about things around them, their friends, what they did. This will not only help you in understanding your child better, but it will also aid in facilitating the growth of social skills in your child.

Importance of spending time with children

2. Play Games with them:

Any child loves playing, whether it is video games, sports, or dolls, which thereby helps in the improvement of their skills of creativity, critical thinking, imagination. As a parent, we can join the child in his or her play. This will not only help the child in understanding the concept of turn-taking but will also facilitate imagination, creativity, and communication, thereby helping the child in honing their leadership skills to the fullest.

3. Read them a bedtime story:

If your child is younger, you can spend the time before he or she goes to bed by telling them a story. It could be about anything, but the impact it would have on the child is multifield. The child will not only engage in imagination, but he or she may also come up with their own creative additions to the story and may even try to dramatize some of the characters as well which too will play a pivotal role in the development of creativity and thereby innovation.

Imagine a day, where you have come home to see your child looking doused with work and your child is sitting in a corner, not engaging in anything, what would you do? Would you let him take his own space and be there, or would you take the time out and try to go talk to him. Similarly, we can try to find the time to engage with our child by asking him/her about their day, what they did at school, or what their day was like. A few activities mentioned above can help you get started if you're struggling to come up with ideas that will help you spend quality time with your child.

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