Keys to Success and Leadership for Kids

New Keys to Success and Leadership for Kids and Imparting Skills and Moral Values

  admin   |    May 20, 2022

When we talk about success and leadership, it becomes paramount that we talk about nurturing and inspiring every child's innate intelligence and innovative nature; by empowering them to be self- motivated through social connection, critical thinking, creative expression and purposeful contribution. It is important for us to work towards making our children 21st century leaders and for that very reason it is imperative we work towards building leadership skills in them.

Teaching children the skills that will make them different from others, in the way they Think, Perceive and even the way they Act in certain situations, becomes necessary. As times are changing and everyone needs to learn to pivot, there are certain characteristics that make a child stand out in a room full of children, such as

Keys to Success and Leadership for Kids

1. Emotional Wellness:

It means overcoming emotions such as anxiety, anger and sadness with positivity. Once a child learns to identify their emotions, they can manage their emotions act appropriately instead of letting their emotions get the better of them.

2. Adaptability:

Being adaptable means learning to navigate, adjust and pivot through unexpected situations in the ever-changing world. It is important that we teach our children the importance of being flexible in today's day and age. Children who adapt to changes can move from one activity to the other smoothly and their temperament seems to go with the flow.

To raise adaptable kids, it's very important that we let our kids experience failure, which will allow them to overcome their feeling of sadness, disappointment etc., and rise to new challenges. We can also change their routine, from time to time, so that they don’t become fixated. Being a role model and by continuously reinforcing the adaptive streak in your child can go a long way in teaching your children about adaptability.

Keys to Success and Leadership for Kids

3. Social Leadership:

Teaching children how to be a leader at a young age will help children deal with peer pressure in their teenage years. Being a leader is not an exact science, but teaching children the skills needed to be leaders are important to help prepare the next generation to take the lead and become responsible adults. Mastering diverse methods of communication, collaboration and public speaking can make your child a good leader. Tomorrow’s leaders need to learn to collaborate, become quick thinkers and be creative to face all situations and challenges around them.

4. Innovation:

Children who succeed are often inquisitive, creative and think critically. They also have the ability to generate fresh and original ideas, which makes them innovative and stands out midst a crowd. For your child to be creative, you should first be open minded and let your child create, get messy, reinvent their favorite games and let them make up characters and themes to tell you a story. These activities inspire children to be innovative and keeps their mind engaged.

5. Ethics:

Ethics refers to building strength of character, identity, empathy, integrity, grit, and a sense contribution from an early age. We should teach our children that ethics allows us to take the “I” out of the discussion and make it “We”. A society that has moral intelligence and a sense of decency at its core, is aware of the needs of others and forms the basis for building a better society. Children who have been taught the importance of contributing and giving back, are the ones who hold a high moral ground and are often more successful than their peers.

Keys to Success and Leadership for Kids

6. Resilience:

Raising resilient children means teaching them how to overcome obstacles, learning from their mistakes and bouncing back with renewed strength. Resilient kids are more likely to take healthy risks because they don’t fear falling short of expectations. They are curious, brave, and trusting of their instincts. They know their limits and they push themselves to step outside of their comfort zones. This helps them reach their long-term goals and it helps them solve problems independently.

As someone rightly said:

“Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate,” – Anonymous

Young ones always pick up on our energy and enthusiasm, so we should always be a source of inspiration for our children, as we are the only ones they are exposed to, in their early years. The common misconception is to think, it’s too early to start with our kids. Raising caring, respectful, ethical, creative, and balanced children, is and always has been hard work. But it’s something all of us can do. And no work is more important or ultimately more rewarding.

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