Teenage Rebellion and Parenting

Teenage Rebellion and Parenting | Why Do They Rebel and How To Deal With It?

  admin   |    June 20, 2022

Adolescence is a period where a child is undergoing a lot of changes, both bodily and socio-emotionally. Children when they reach the period of adolescence suffer, not only the wrath of adapting to the perils of puberty but also dealing with the troubles of finding their own identity and fitting into a peer group. Teenagers have a very hard time adapting with those around them, especially the one’s older to them. The prospect of having someone tell them that what they want to do is wrong is something they cannot fathom and tolerate, and hence, rebel. This blog gives an insight into teenage rebellion and how it can be managed.

Teenage Rebellion and Parenting

Adolescence is one of the most excruciating yet most life-changing experiences for any child and as a parent, it is a phase full of learning for us as well. As parents, we too have been through this phase when we were growing up, however, the times are extremely different, and resources are also limited in a more environmental sense but technologically we have moved too forward. The child is already struggling with an identity crisis as they are trying to move away from what they were called as a kid and are trying to work on finding their new image or calling. This phase is equally tough on the parent-child bond as well, as parents appear to be from an age range that does not resonate with them. Their thoughts, feelings, understanding of the world, and perception of others around them are different. This blog talks about rebellion in adolescence and the role of parenting in working through this rebellion.

Adolescents of today, may feel burdened and pressurized added with the bullying and identity crisis has an intense negative impact on the child’s development if proper initiatives are not taken by parents to aid them. Parents, today have to take a lot of initiative and involve themselves in others life. The main reason is that having gone through a similar situation, we know how it may have shaped us in the long run, so it is important that we find ways of helping them. So, it is very important for us to take the initiative as a parent to help your little leader develop important skills of communication, collaboration, contribution, kindness, and gratitude. Here are some steps that you can take that would be helpful in dealing with teenage rebellion:

Teenage Rebellion and Parenting

1. Stay calm and take deep breaths:

It is important for you to remember to be mindful and breathe before you take control of the situation. If we react with rage and get angry with the child, then they will distance themselves more and hence, increase the rebellion. Hence, it is important to take into account that you should breathe to help relax your mind and be more mindful.

2. Be friendly and open when setting rules:

In terms of adolescence rule , it is important to remember that they are growing too and they need a certain level of autonomy and freedom to deal with the environment. Hence, whenever any goal or rule is set for the adolescent it is important to keep in mind this autonomy and freedom they have and accordingly decide the rule you will be setting for them. With more autonomy, and boundaries, the teenager feels more comfortable in opening up to you and thereby rebels less.

3. Talk it out when the rule is broken:

When a rule is broken, for any reason and we as parents feel that it is not the best reason for breaking the said rule and it may have effects in the future on their growth, that is when it is important to voice out the feeling and talk with the adolescent about what would be the most effective consequence for this and not just deciding it for them. This will be more helpful going forward as the teenager would know that he or she has the open space to talk about the situation and work with his or her parents together to decide an effective solution.

Teenage Rebellion and Parenting

4. Give negative reinforcements and not punishments:

Punishing a teenager will not show very positive effects, especially in terms of reducing the behavior we want to reduce. Hence, work with giving them negative reinforcements and help them see a reason as to why they should avoid this behavior in the future.

To be an effective dolphin parent to our future leader, it is important to take into account all the struggles that they will go through in their early years, and as their parents and role models it is important we take the requisite initiative in helping them navigate through the life challenges which they may come across and help them become future fit leaders with the skills mentioned above.

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